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A Guide to Minneapolis Driving and Transportation

You are currently viewing A Guide to Minneapolis Driving and Transportation
Minneapolis is a very beautiful city to drive around!
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Driving in Minneapolis can differ from driving in other cities. You may think Minneapolis driving is probably not far from the average methods of driving, and that is partially true, but also partially untrue. There are many classic driving patterns and techniques that are present in driving in Minneapolis, but there are also aspects of Minneapolis driving that are unique to the city or the region.

Drivers on Both Sides

In Minneapolis, there are drivers on both ends of the speed spectrum. Some drive extremely fast while others go relatively slow. You could at any time get stuck behind a slow car or stuck in front of a fast one, but you will never know until you are in that position. There are few happy mediums when it comes to drivers, so be alert and prepare to drive according to those around you.

Phone Usage is Illegal

Texting and driving is illegal under any and all circumstances in Minneapolis. Whether you are in motion or stopped at a traffic light, texting on your phone is illegal and will result in fines. Talking on your cell phone, if not using a hands-free option is also illegal. This means if you have your phone on speaker on your lap, you are breaking the law. You would have to have a phone dock attached to your car or have it connected to your car via Bluetooth. However, even hand-free options are illegal for minors. Anyone under the age of 18 is not able to be on the phone in any capacity.

One-Way Streets

In downtown Minneapolis, most of the streets are one-way. You always want to pay attention to the flow of traffic and check for signs to make sure you go in the right direction. You do not want to be the person who goes down the wrong direction just because they were not paying attention.


Some towns have seasonal cycling seasons, Minneapolis has it year-round. No matter what time of year it is, prepare to share the road with cyclists. Also, be aware of bike lanes and avoid being in them as much as possible.

Winter Driving Differs from Other Places

Minneapolis does get extreme winter weather and often experiences snow and ice, which can pile up on the roads. If you’ve never driven in this weather before, prepare properly with chains and anticipate going slow and steady. Everyone is aware of the risk of driving on snow and ice, so no one here gets offended by driving slowly in the winter months.

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