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A Law Affecting Rideshare Drivers Was Vetoed by Mayor Frey

You are currently viewing A Law Affecting Rideshare Drivers Was Vetoed by Mayor Frey
Rideshare companies threated to leave the city if the law took effect.
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The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, had to put his foot down and veto an ordinance in the city that would have raised the minimum wage for ride-hail drivers. However, when the ordinance was first introduced, popular ridesharing services, Uber and Lyft, each warned that they would leave the Twin Cities if the law went into effect.

The ordinance did pass the City Council office with a vote of 9-4 last week. After it passed, the law was set to go into effect as of May 1st. However, out of fear of the apps actually retaliating and cutting service to the city, Mayor Frey vetoed the bill. The council originally was going to delay voting on the ordinance, due to a state report that was going to release data that would affect the bill.

They ultimately decided to vote on Thursday of last week, nonetheless.

Frey very adamantly opposed the decision to vote on Thursday with the report set to be released on Friday. He released a statement after the vote occurred in which he expressed how irresponsible he felt this decision was. He said, “The statewide report is literally going to be released tomorrow. It’s irresponsible to pass policy today when we’ll have the data tomorrow.” He ultimately vetoed the ordinance on Friday and called for a special session for this Thursday. In this session, the council could hold another vote and ultimately override the veto, setting the law back into action.

Lyft already released a statement praising the Mayor and hoping that the city council upholds the veto.

Frey has stated that he does overall support a wage increase for drivers. He also has stated that he felt this particular bill was too extreme and was concerned it would ultimately harm the economy of the city since apps would leave. He continued to discuss that this was the right decision as the ridesharing apps are extremely important to the community, especially to those who have disabilities and other ailments preventing them from driving themselves and even from waiting outside to hail a taxi.

This is not even the first bill of its kind. Last year, a similar one was presented and passed with a 7-5 vote in the council but was ultimately vetoed by Mayor Frey. This means there is a chance that a third bill of its kind could be presented again.

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