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A New Sin City Resort Soon to Come will not offer Gambling or Smoking

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A new Sin City resort bucks the decadent trend of not offering gambling and smoking at the Majestic Las Vegas opening in 2024

Sin City Resort Construction Begins in July

The project is set to start construction this July, according to its official site. The Majestic Las Vegas will be located roughly six acres two blocks away from the Strip. It is across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Majestic Las Vegas is a Different Type of Space

Las Vegas truly needs a different type of space, Majestic’s developer Lorenzo Doumani said. There will be many aspects that are traditional features of Vegas properties, especially in terms of dining, hotel, and wellness options. Though it may not the trademark casino soundtrack of slot machines ringing and table game players rejoining and carrying on.

The Majestic Las Vegas – Lavish Decadence at its Finest

A five-star hotel with 720 suits is part of the $850 million resort. In fact, there are six freestanding restaurants. They will be located in a European-like piazza in a courtyard. It features dancing fountains and live entertainment. There is an outdoor pool overlooking the Strip. They will have 50 cabanas, plus live entertainment and Turkish coffee offerings. In addition, there is a 70,000-square-foot medical wellness spa on four floors. It will have all types of things from extensive physicals to spa treatments, to personalized nutritional menus. Moreover, the 51st to 60th floors will feature 270,000 square feet of corporate Sky Suites with 16-foot-high ceilings. In fact, they are now available for purchase, starting at $10 million.

Sin City Resort Design

Architect Paul Steelman designed the 620-foot-tall contemporary structure. Steelman has worked with many gaming brands such as Las Vegas Sands Corporation, MGM Resorts International, and Caesars Entertainment. Moreover, Majestic purchased the property at 305 Convention Center Drive, where the Clarion Hotel sat, in 2014 and then imploded the structure in 2015. July 4th is the groundbreaking ceremony.


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