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Acura Returns For The Summer With The TLX 2024

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Acura is always on the forefront of releasing the best vehicles in the most elegant and luxurious sense. The cars that are being released from the company are absolutely the best vehicles. Therefore, the price range is always going to go up and up. Especially as you may note the improvements being made for the brand new and freshly updated 2024 Acura TLX, which comes in at a price range of $46,195 for the latest base model. Additionally, the front-wheel-drive TLX is ell known to be packed with the proper Technology package. Of course, some would consider that to be more than the last base model’s price.

For 2024, the technology package for the TLX is standard, as it’s also made available with the front-wheel drive as the A-Spec and the Type S models can round out the offerings, both with all-wheel drive.

A brand new grille for the base and A-Spec TLX show off a wide diamond mesh pattern, which also catch grilles glossed in black. However, there’s a brand new radar fond behind the Acura logo. Additionally, the Type S has a full surround camera. Both the TLX and the A-Spec come with a 19-inch split five-spoke wheel comes in dark gray. Plus, there’s an optional 20-inch wheel delivered in shiny black. Either car has been seen before on all-season rubber. But regarding the TLX Type S, it comes with high-performance summer tires on copper 20-inch wheels.

When noticing the A-Spec, keep an eye on the rear end, where a new diffuser and round exhaust tip call it home. Meanwhile, the Type S comes with a far more aggressive diffuser and quad tips that stay unchanged, given that there’s a carbon-fiber option made readily available for the spoiler. Plus, there are also two fresh paint colors that stay on the TLX, with Urban Gray Pearl and a darker Liquid Carbon metallic, which had been previously present on the MDX, while ready for the TLX for the Technology package itself.

It’s not likely to anticipate any big performance changes from other TLX models, given that the Technology and A-Spec utilize the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder creating 272 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque in 2023.

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