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GTO’s Squalo Copies The Ferrari, But With A Better Engine In-Tact

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The GTO Engineering team has been able to revive the Ferrari of yesteryear with $48 million USD. The vehicle itself, a Squalo as the name implies, has been inspired in part by a Ferrari. The Squalo is using a custom-made 4.0 V-12 engine made well for the retro coupe. It comes as a quad-cam unit and it happens to reduce the weight in the vehicle This is a very specific point that GTO Engineering has been deciding to make happen with 25 pounds. The original has made nearly about 296 horsepower out of 1962. GTO Engineering has been working on the Squalo since late 2020, the price tag will likely be a six-figure sum.

Additionally, the GTO Squalo is similar to a Ferrari engine, in which it engineers and even builds up a whole engine specifically for the retro coupe. A vehicle like this is a well-crafted machine of manipulation. The car has more horsepower than one can give it credit for. There’s a likelihood of the car having six figures attached to the price tag. As of recently, the company does take reservations.

When you have a model like the Squalo, nothing else can really compare, now can it? It’s honestly a perfect fit for the purposes needed when it comes to ripping off politely the Ferrari. The Squalo is truly a great vehicle for the purposes of being a heavy-set hauler.

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