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Lawmakers Pass Bill That Tries for 1st Presidential Nominating State

You are currently viewing Lawmakers Pass Bill That Tries for 1st Presidential Nominating State
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Lawmakers have passed a bill recently that’s goal is to make our state the first to weigh in on the 2024 presidential primary contests. This new move does upend decades of political tradition. Moreover, it is more than likely to prompt pushback from other early states that want to retain their places in the calendar.

Lawmakers Need Backing of National Political Parties

On Wednesday, the bill passed in the state’s Assembly. Then the Senate still needs to be approved by Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak to become law. Therefore, it would also need the backing of the national political parties to eventually make the change for the 2024 calendar.

Lawmakers Push for Nevada First

In fact, there is a push for Nevada to jump ahead past Iowa’s caucuses. As well as New Hampshire’s longstanding first-in-the-nation primary following a behind-the-scenes lobbying campaign. This is led by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

Dissatisfaction in the Party

In 2020, Reid and other Nevada Democrats have, in fact, seized on dissatisfaction in the party about the nominating process. It gained steam in 2020. Moreover, they are arguing to replace party-run caucuses with state-run primary elections. In fact, they are considered easier to participate in than, in fact, the in-person neighborhood caucus meetings.

Mirroring Demographics of the Nation

Nevada is a diverse and multi-faceted state. It has a population that reflects the demographics of the nation. It is therefore a better choice for testing presidential hopefuls than mostly the very white Iowa and New Hampshire.

Nevada Offers More Diversity Than New Hampshire and Iowa

In terms of the entire county, New Hampshire and Iowa are not reflective of that. Its up to the presidential candidates to look at Nevada as the example of what they should be doing. Therefore, who they should be talking to,” said Emily Persaud-Zamora. Zamora is the director of Silver State Voices. It is a Nevada voting advocacy group.

The leadoff contest in Iowa in 200 was unraveled. It left the winner unclear. The leadoff contest in Iowa was unraveled in 2020. It left the winner unclear. Then New Hampshire which was next did end with a result that was a near tie between two candidates, that ultimately lost. Now-President Joe Biden, the eventual nominee, came in fifth in New Hampshire.

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