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Local Governments are Ending Remote Work and Employee Flux

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Local governments in Sin City were scrambling in March 2020. This was to figure out how workforces would get through a developing pandemic. In fact, some employees started to rotate between the office and telecommuting. While others were reassigning. This is occurring as their job sites shut down statewide.

Local Governments are Calling Employees back to work Full-Time and In-Person

Moreover, as the state slowly lifts public health restrictions in response to dropping rates of new cases. As well as hospitalizations, local governments are asking back employees to full-time, in-person work.

Demands for Public Sector Services Increase

In fact, the current changes offer one sign that normalcy is slowly returning to the public sector. This is as the demand for its services goes up.

Local Governments: Full Normalcy isn’t on the Horizon yet

“At this point, particularly I think it’s going in that direction,” Las Vegas City Manager Jorge Cervantes said in a current interview. “However, I don’t think we’re at full normalcy (yet).”

The city ended rotations for approximately 360 employees who had been alternating between home and the office on Monday. The move was announced six weeks ago.

Returning to Work Based on a Hybrid Model

Moreover, Cervantes said the hybrid model had been implementing to limit the number of workers. Therefore, were exposed to each other on any specific day. Yet, it had its challenges. Therefore, employees sometimes did struggle to coordinate to respond to an inquiry, internet connectivity could drop and the videoconferences would be unorganized when people spoke over one another.

There is a growing need for city services that are probably best executed with employees working full time in the office, he said.

Bringing Back Workers

Several North Las Vegas employees have gone back to working in buildings as well. In fact, the city of Henderson has begun moving employees back into the office. Moreover, most Clark County employees have in fact returned to in-person schedules in May or during the upcoming summer, officials said, however, those still fully or partly working remotely may see changes to their schedules in the future.

On Monday, Nye County announcing it was returning remote employees to full-time, in-person work.

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