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Lordstown Motors Revealing Endurance Rendering For San Felipe 250

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The upcoming Lordstown Endurance is an all-electric pickup on track to begin production in September. As the only vehicle unveiled by Lordstown Motors, the Endurance has an aura of excitement and curiosity surrounding it. Last month, the automaker claimed it had already received over 100,000 preorders of the electric pickup.

The EV market continues to grow exponentially, but the market has not yet seen a fully electric pickup. With that said, several EV trucks are coming soon. Part of the appeal of the Endurance is its 4 inch wheel hub motors. Furthermore, Lordstown claims they help improve vehicle control and provide true 4-wheel drive. According to Lordstown’s site, these motors combine for 600 peak horsepower and can tow up to 7,500 lbs.

The Endurance will sit upon a 109 kWh battery pack, offering an EPA-estimated range of 250+ miles. The first Endurance models to roll off the assembly line will carry a crew cab configuration and medium bed length. The Endurance will cost $52,500. This is the purchase price before any tax incentives, destination, or any other fees.

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