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Military Personnel

Minneapolis Auto Transport offers high-quality shipping services for all military personnel. We support our troops, and not just with our words. We give you the best service in the country to get your vehicles and equipment to wherever you need them.

Our vehicle and equipment shipping process is easy and hassle-free. Our drivers will follow your instructions for pick-up and delivery and safely transport your vehicle to the destination. However, driving right into a base is often not allowed. So, typically, the delivery will either end by the gates or near the entrance of the base. Whichever you prefer, we will work with you to make sure we exceed your expectations.

You can ship a suitcase or box with personal items in the trunk of your car at no additional charge. This makes it easier on you; you won’t have to figure out a separate shipping method for your gear. And with services like our enclosed auto transport, our secure practices will prevent anything bad from happening to your things. Note that the truck driver will inspect the vehicle for unlawful items; no one can use us to get around the law.

We Deliver Quality Service

We have performed thousands of vehicle shipments for military personnel over our 16 years of operation. What distinguishes us is our dedication to quality and high standards. All carriers in our network comply with our strict quality standards.

Our customer service representatives know how urgent and important your service requests are. Hence, they strive to provide you with comprehensive service as quickly as possible. Additionally, we offer a 10% discount for military dependents and veterans. We want to recognize your contribution to the wellness of our country. With Minneapolis Auto Transport, you can be sure your vehicle will be delivered securely and safely.

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