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Minneapolis Recognizes Women Like Sports Too

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Women's sports teams are actually very prominent in global sports.
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Sports bars and even just sports in general are often viewed singularly as a man’s thing. Stereotypically, women are assumed to not like any sort of sport aside from more “womanly” ones, like gymnastics and figure skating, which get debated on whether or not they are even sports. However, there are women’s leagues of most “classic” sports. There is the Women’s National Basketball Association, National Women’s Soccer League, Premier Hockey Federation, Women’s Football Alliance, and countless others. When it comes to the Olympic Games, in many sports, American women’s teams often make it further than the men’s team. Yet, they are still generally thought of as anti-sport people. However, a woman in Minneapolis recognizes this falsehood and is constructing a women’s only sports bar in the city to give women a safe space to enjoy sports.

Jillian Hiscock will open “A Bar of Their Own” in March 2024.

The soon to open women’s only sports bar has a name that is quite fun for those who get the reference. The name is a spin on the film A League of Their Own, a movie set in World War II era centered around the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The founder, Jillian Hiscock, is opening the bar after dealing with her own frustrations of never seeing women’s sports on the television at other bars.

Hiscock is a former athlete herself, a self-described “never good athlete.” Despite not being the best, she has always had a love of sports and wants to give young kids, especially young woman, the opportunity to identify with what they see on television and hopefully remove the stigma surrounding women in sports.

The bar is set to hopefully open in time for the Big 10 Women’s Basketball Tournament.

The tournament starts March 6th, so Hiscock is planning to open the bar during the first week of March. Perfectly enough, the tournament will take place in Minneapolis in 2024. While this timing and setting sets the scene for the perfect opening of the bar, basketball will not be the only sport shown in the bar. Hiscock plans to promote every woman’s team around Minnesota, saying, “If there’s a women’s sport we can show on TV, we want to show it.” This means she plans to show not only the games of the Minnesota Lynx (basketball), Minnesota Aurora (soccer), and the nearly playing professional hockey team in the women’s league, but also events like the Ultimate Frisbee matches and roller derby.

A Bar of Their Own will join the list of three other women’s only sports bars found in the United States, all in the Pacific Northwest. There is the Sports Bra in Portland, Oregon; the Icarus in Salem, Oregon; and the Rough and Tumble in Seattle, Washington.

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