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Porsche To Update Their Vehicles With Taycan Software At The Dealership

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Porsche has recently made an announcement that their Taycan electric vehicle line is going to updated with new features. Of course, what we mean, is that the 2020 model will have the 2021 software updating it’s features and capabilities. Tesla has made this type of update popular and since then it has affected the entire electric vehicle industry. Taycan is truly a remakable model for Porsche being that it has become an updatable model. Porsche says they have the capacity to get over-the-air updates. But it may not be the case this time around.

Porsche is doing everything they can to make the software update free of charge.

This is to say it will be available on a worldwide basis. This includes various improvements to driving dynamics, intelligent charge functions and more for the benefit of the Porsche Communications Management system or (PCM.) This also will benefit additional Porsche Connect features. This vehicle has smart air suspension with chassis control. Likely, the Taycan models are able to adapt the air suspension. Not to mention the update also brings up the Smartlift functionality.

The Taycan models have adaptive air suspension. There may also be programming so that the ride height can be automatically raised. Certain recurring locations can definitely be used to indicate needs to measure ride height. The Taycan Turbo S enables for a sprint from zero to 200 kilometers an hour, in only about 9.6 seconds. This happens to be in conjunction from the launch control. Basically, zero point two seconds can get you from A to B much faster. There also lays in fact that there can be a 22 kilowatt on-board AC charger. This is existing as a retrofit option throughout selected markets beyond the end of 2021.

Other features include a navigation system which has also been fine-tuned and likely the display of online information.

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