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Tesla Superchargers Opened Up for GM EV Use

You are currently viewing Tesla Superchargers Opened Up for GM EV Use
Tesla Superchargers have previously been Tesla exclusive.
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Tesla Superchargers, which previously only had compatibility with Tesla vehicles, have slowly been growing in compatibility with other electric vehicles. Ford was the first major brand to start offering Supercharger compatibility in new models and General Motors is set to join them. The arrangement for General Motors will differ from Ford’s, but it will lead to the same end result, expanding their drivers’ access to charger stations.

Ford’s plan is to begin using Tesla’s North American Charging Standard ports in their new electric releases as of 2025. General Motors is currently looking to open up to Tesla chargers as of 2024 by offering charging at 12,000 Tesla Supercharging stations. As of 2025, they will be following in Ford’s footsteps by using the NACS ports in their new models. Once their electric vehicles are fully open to Tesla’s charging network, they will have access to 134,000 more chargers. This number will likely even increase as that is just based on Tesla’s current charger count, which will likely grow by 2025. Before having the NACS ports in the vehicles, drivers will need an adapter to use the Superchargers in 2024.

The goal of expanding access for drivers’ to more charging stations is to entice more people to drive electric vehicles and hopefully lower our carbon footprint.

The Chair and CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, explained that they need to work together in order to push forward toward an all-electric future and need to work to ensure they push drivers to adapt to electric vehicles quickly. Once they have opened up the use of the Superchargers, General Motors cars will display the charging stations on their GM vehicle’s apps in order to make it easier for drivers to find where they can charge.

Barra made a statement after the announcement, stating “This collaboration is a key part of our strategy and an important next step in quickly expanding access to fast chargers for our customers.” She continued to explain how she hopes more companies follow suit to work together in this way in order to accelerate the process of North America moving to a more electric vehicle-using country.

Tesla said long ago that they intended to open up their charging network, but it was not until this year that they actually started to take some action move toward that direction. Many think that this will ultimately be a good business move for the car manufacturer and will be the key to helping us rely more on electric-powered vehicles.

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