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Toyota Mirai FCEV Comes with Plenty of New Updates for 2024

You are currently viewing Toyota Mirai FCEV Comes with Plenty of New Updates for 2024
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Toyota is giving the Mirai plenty of updates for 2024, where the Beyond Zero badge will be once again placed. In 2023, the Mirai has been showing strong examples of the fuel-cell sedan, where about 2,737 units had been shipped to various car owners. The Mirai, of course, is much more of a bestseller than the challenging Hyundai Nexo.

The Mirai comes with a hydrogen fuel cell that allows for 182 horsepower over to the rear wheels. The push meanwhile from zero to 60 miles per hour is just as slow as maybe 9.1 seconds. Additionally, the XLE model can go beyond 402 miles on only one tank of hydrogen. To upgrade, it shows the limited trim drop the range to only 357 miles.

Additionally, Toyota comes with $15,000 worth of hydrogen for anyone who wishes to go forth with the fuel cell deliverance with the Mirai, all as the base price has risen barely to $51,215, as the limited arrives soon after at a rate of $68,180.

All these changes are relatively small, though the Mirai entering the second generation for 2021, doesn’t quite have a lot to do with other buyers interested in hydrogen. But they will be interested soon. Being that it’s only one of two fuel-cell vehicles put on sale in the United States. Similar to the Hyundai Nexo, the Mirai is only offered in California.

The Toyota Mirai comes with new competition in the form of the Honda CR-V crossover, which will be utilizing the same Performance Manufacturing Center from Ohio, which had formerly constructed the Acura NSX. Honda has said the brand-new fuel-cell system uses a more durable system, as it utilizes two-thirds amount of energy less than the setup from the previous effort with the Clarity Fuel Cell.

The announcement from General Motors and Honda’s very own joint venture is developing something similar in the form of the fuel-cell systems of Michigan as the following hydrogen competitor sits not far in the distance.

Of course, this year has seen the best sales that the sedan has had ever, while showing just about a 31% increase above 2022’s. The Hyundai Nexo has been able to find 241 homes, while being a 41% drop in comparison to 2022.

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