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White Sands Motel, a Former Landmark, is on the Market for $18 Million

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The White Sands Motel in Las Vegas, Nevada is on the market for a hefty price. During Las Vegas’ Mafia days in 1959, the newly built White Sand Motel was known as a lovely place to stay. The motel offered amenities like TV, coffee, and air conditioning.

White Sands Motel is a Boarded-Up Property

Now, the rundown, boarded-up property on the Las Vegas Strip is in the back of barbed-wire-topped fencing. The empty and desolate pool is near thickets of weeds. There are beer bottles and other garbage strewn about just mere inches from a cardboard mat out front.

The Former White Sands Motel may be Home to Another Type of Business Eventually

Across from the Luxor and surrounded on three sides by the Route 91 Harvest site, it is up for sale at $18 million on a narrow 1.1-acre parcel.

The former motel could become home to a retail or food-oriented product, said Listing broker Frank Volk of SRS Real Estate Partners. Volk said he would be shocking if someone would actually pay the asking price to merely run the motel. He feels it almost certain it would be demolished. To put it, even more bluntly, he said: it’s got to be a tear-down.

No Guarantee of a Sale Though Due to the Asking Price and More

As with any real estate offering, of course, there is no rock-solid guarantee the south Strip plot will eventually find a buyer. The daunting factors of a sale include the big price tag. It has been on the market before. In addition to the city still faltering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

White Sands Motel Offers Glimpse into the Glamorous Past of the Strip

But the listing puts a slice of the Strip up for grabs. It offers a window into a small parcel with an extravagant, stormy history. Now, it has very high asking prices coupled with the unsavory, much less appealing residue of vandalism, and feral cats roaming about.


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